pan seared scallops over red bliss potato crisps and...

Spotlight on this one, literally. You can practically see every ingredient and it takes only 30 minutes from start to finish--the big finish. I felt an urgency to get back to freshness in flavors and keeping it simple, partly because of the pangs of guilt regarding a moment of weakness in my last blogged recipe. I used a overly processed cheese in my Superbowl mac-n-cheese cupcakes. Mea culpa-'nough said. 

Ingredients in order of appearance:
red bliss potatoes
1-1/2 cups of canola oil for frying
a couple of pats of butter
organic baby spinach
olive oil 
aged balsamic 
vinegar pinch of kosher salt

Preheat oven to 350

scrub up a couple of pounds of red bliss potatoes

slice the potatoes-approximately 1/4 inch slices

preheat the canola oil in a dutch oven test with one slice
if ready (usually 3 minutes)- lower the potatoes into
the hot oil- do this in batches
do not overcrowd the pan

like so-if they do not begin to bubble and brown--the oil
is not hot enough

bubble bubble

the edges will brown faster, so do not leave the stove

remove the slices from the oil-place on a cooling rack
on-top of a cookie sheet- sprinkle with a little kosher
salt and place in the preheated oven 

the potatoes will remain in the oven until you are ready to
plate the dish- 15-20 minutes

to a heated griddle add a pat of butter

place scallops on the griddle
TRICK: by the time you place the last scallop on the griddle, the
first one will be ready to flip

I usually eye-ball scallops rather than time them--if the middle is just
slightly translucent I remove it to a plate and cover
with foil- They will continue to cook by keeping
in the heat-but will not become tough

i took a few shots so that you can get a feel for the coloration-

toss some baby spinach with a little olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar 

add a pinch of kosher salt

toss toss toss

plating- first lay down the bed of greens

slice an avocado

next- a layer of  the potato crisps

next- layer of avocado

and then the scallops...

drizzle a little more of the aged balsamic


i think they liked it

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