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I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner! Mounting Grammy's Hoosier up on the wall and adding casters to Granny's buffet, I have made my kitchen really functional for the first time.
I had to modify a few things. First and foremost, I primed and painted everything white...

My mother-in-law has been hinting at this for years, she was right! My mom and my mom- in- law really have to bite their collective tongues sometimes when dealing with my eclecticism.  I have learned to read between their lines.

Ellen(mom-in-law) will say things like: "have you seen this months Better Homes...? there was a white buffet...lovely"  
...nice and subtle
and then there's...

Betty (mom): What's new?
Me: I moved my drafting table into the living room
Betty (mom): Elaine!...I hope you didn't do that on your own
Me: No, Chuck helped

Betty (mom): Where did you say you put it?--the basement???
Me: (knowing she heard me the first time) No, in the living room
Betty: have you heard from your sisters today? 

Message received! Move it to the basement,it's too big for the living room, she was right but I waited two weeks trying to convince myself it looked great.

back to the buffet ..I sanded the edges a bit to let the multiple under-coats show through. I then rubbed everything down three times with Minwax Wipe on Poly. My friend Jody told me that I would love this product and he was right. I'm walking around the house to see what's going to get rubbed next!  Hanging the Hoosier made a world of difference. Now with the buffet on casters, I can roll it out with ease, and the space I gained for the things I use everyday fit nicely on top!  The images are in the slide show, but basically I mounted the Hoosier like you would mount a cabinet, but for extra support I used a steel L bracket that spans the bottom of the Hoosier, so essentially it is supported across the entire bottom and secured into the wall studs with heavy duty's not going anywhere. I used a circular bit to make a hole big enough for the microwave cord to fit through and made the hole in the bottom of the cabinet making sure I cleared the steel L bracket. I put in a chair rail mostly because I bought it for a project that I lost interest in and mounted it flush to the bottom of the bracket in order to hide the bracket. How weird is it that it was the exactly length I needed...well almost, don't look behind my fridge. 
I cleaned out the drawers in table and now store dishcloths and weird things not used everyday, like nutcrackers fondue sticks... and I donated things that I haven't used in 10 years. Busters food and doggy surplus stuffs are in one of the cabinets and the other is wine and small cutting boards.  The fact that these pieces were both used by our grandmothers makes them so dear to me. I feel like I have company in the kitchen always. 

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