interior design 101 the details- c. coffee table with seating

This table was re-purposed and customized to fit with the clients need for additional comfy seating. We outfitted the table with a piece of plexi-glass across the cross bars. Because the plexi is clear, it doesn't add any 'weight' to the room and by painting the legs (originally black) in the calming blue/green is also in keeping with the light and airy feeling. The over-sized floor *pillows fit nicely on the shelf and their fabric is just so fun! 
* for the pillow cases I used a simple envelope pattern featured in my blog "pillow fight". They are essentially slipcovers for pillows! They can be removed at anytime and tossed in the washer. Also I really like using outdoor upholstery fabric. The colors are highly saturated  and because the are meant for extreme sun exposure, they won't fade as quickly. These days the pattern choices are plentiful too. I order fabrics online, the first time I did it I held my breath, but I haven't been disappointed and if you order summer fabrics in the winter... you save $$$. 
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