Dennis,Cape Cod, MA

Yesterday I ran away for the day. Alone, by myself. That is the norm for running away I believe, but it is a strange practice for me. Anyway, I was feeling bad for myself, the mounting of unfinished projects and the collective lack of gumption to complete said tasks. I suggested a family activity, a hike or something which was met with more blank, unenthusiastic I decided to go it alone.  One of my favorite places is in the world is Cape Cod. I have been going to 'The Cape' every summer since I was in uteri  The "force is strong" there.  I have been day dreaming about the Columns since I was a child. The Columns was a restaurant that featured live music. My family rented a tiny duplex (7 of us, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath) within earshot of the Columns and the sound of big band music would waft into my bedroom window in waves. I would imagine couples dancing, the women in their gowns and men in linen suits. I would dance on my bed in one of my fathers over-sized tee-shirts, scented of Noxzema that covered my sunburned shoulders, and tell myself... someday. Someday is here isn't it? Maybe, at least I thought so.  There was a for lease sign, this was hopeful. This morning I looked it up. SOLD! and to make matters worse it was sold TODAY! are you kidding me?! So  I guess it's not someday...yet.  

The Columns
left side
right side view
The mantle screams, "save me"
back side of the Columns-the ruins
back side of the Columns-the ruins

back side of the Columns-the ruins
Chapin's Beach, Dennis, Cape Cod, MA

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