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Yesterday I made my first furniture sale on Esty! While I am extremely excited to have sold my Octopus table, I am a little sad to see it go. I  really grew fond of this little guy! I think one of the reasons may be the fact that the work really differs from what I usually do. It took on a life of it's own. It had an enormous knot in the wood that looked like an octopus eye, so I just went with it. Another reason is because I looked at it like the underdog of my pieces. I participated in stART on the Street this past Summer, and there were many people that stopped and said that they liked it, but no takers. Then the most uncomfortable and bizarre thing happened. There was a couple standing in front of our booth for at least 15 minutes. Julie, to whom I shared the booth with will attest to the fact that I am by no means a sales person. If you like it you like it, if you don't c'est la vie, but this couple stood there for 15 minutes, spinning it looking under it, caressing the top...etc, so I finally walked over and said: 

 Me: Can I answer any questions for you?
 Woman: Well...I just don't know. 
Me: Know? 
 Woman: We really like the table. 
Me: Thank you, are you interested in buying it? 
Woman: (Sharply)Oh no. 
 Me: (Wide-eyed) Oh, okay. 
 Woman: Can I be honest with you? 
Me: (thinking to myself, no I don't really know you, I don't really care if your honest with me or not) but of course I said: Yes, please. 
Woman: We really love the table, the shape and the wood, but we REALLY HATE YOUR ART. It's almost like you RUINED IT. 
 Me: I see. 
Woman: I hope you don't take it the wrong way.
 Me: (thinking to myself--seriously? is there a right way to take 'your art work sucks'?)but all that came out was a crazy laugh that went a little like this: BAAAAHHH! 
 Woman: We see that you do interior design, would you be interested in consulting with us? 
Me: (looking around for cameras, certain that I'm being "punked")I'm sorry, I'm a little confused, you said you do not like my art. 
Woman: No, we don't like you "designs" (pronounced like DE-ZINES-A )
 Me: You want me to design your interior? 
Woman: Well, I assume it wouldn't be like that-pointing to my beautiful Octopus table. Me: Yes. I try to incorporate Octopuses into every interior.
Woman: (I'm not kidding) Do you have a card?

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