how to build a work bench

I decided I needed an additional space to work on my art and DIY projects, but the space needed to  meet a few objectives. First of all I want to be able to paint furniture without having to move pieces into the garage because of rain, or in some cases off of the dining room table in order to eat. Secondly many of my projects are messy--this rules out using the drafting table in our bedroom--I love our bedroom floor far too much to drip quickrete, wax, paint or ink on it. Lastly, I am organizing and inventorying my creations in order to prepare for stART on the Street--which is central Massachusetts largest, art, music and performance festival also, I stubbed my toes one too many times on  the little pyramids of small painted furniture pieces.
So my solution was to carve out a little area in the basement. My son helped me move the weight bench and the treadmill over in order for me to have the prime spot in-front of the window. I don't mind sharing a space with the workout equipment. The heavy bag and speed bag are my best friends...but that's  blog for another day.
I bought a florescent shop light to hang over the not yet created bench. I just followed the instructions in the box. note-able-- the eye hooks from  which the chain hangs are not included.
Next I installed a cleat which needed to be mounted against the cinder block wall. First I cut the 2x4 to size using a miter saw.  Next I held the 2x4 against the wall, put the level on top and to the best of my ability,traced a line of where the top of the board would sit. In order to secure the cleat to the cinder block  I needed to pre-drill the holes, for this I used a masonry bit, I then measured down from the line that I traced, In order to copy the same measurement onto the 2x4  then I used tapcon screws to fasten the cleat to the wall.
screw in the center screw first, make sure it's level, then go ahead and screw in the rest
for the bench top I used 3/4 inch plywood -had it ripped in the store into 2 6x2 pieces
helpful hint: neighbor Pete taught me to trim the rough end so that all pieces are square
I cut some lavender from my garden to put in the window. It smells great and I saw in a movie that it keeps scorpions away. Granted we don't have scorpions, but some of the of the centipedes look big enough to ride and just because I'm working in a cellar doesn't mean it can't be cute.
I am so easily distracted, but look at the light on the glass...c'mon.
Balancing the bench top in one hand I measured under the bench top to the floor and cut 2x4s for the two legs then carefully using the legs as support I then screwed the bench top to the back cleat using decking screws because that is what I had available. Next I used the level to make sure the legs were level on both sides before screwing the bench top to them and for a little extra support i added a 2x4 behind the leg so that it doesn't kick out.

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