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We are finally getting to the end stages of our renovation indoors, but it is so easy to get distracted and turn attention to the landscape when the weather outside is so amazing...so I have started to formulate a plan for designing our landscape in stages so that my husband doesn't have me committed. Our landscape has been a a bit of a challenge from the beginning. ... let me back up a bit to explain. When we bought our sweet little fixer-upper in 2004 we had no idea that  "adding on" would be an all-consuming, time and money sucking massive project, but here we are six years later,closer than ever, but still not done. First things first. Once we decided to add a second floor, it was necessary to remove the tree enormous oak trees that were teetering dangerously close to the roof. Big trees mean big stumps and bigger roots...

My husband, his brother and our son tore down the chimney. the dumpster company's truck broke down so we had to pile the brick to the side and then move it to the dumpster when the new dumpster arrived. Yes, we moved 3 1/2 tons TWICE.

i have almost 30 different plant species that seem to be thriving nicely; many, many from my very generous auntie Mary and cousin Tina  friends Jan and Jessie have also kept me in mind every-time they thin out their gardens. 

the  bed to the right of the stairs is  larger but more compact which makes it too difficult to photograph, but I have to try harder because it already looks amazing. I'm so excited- I have forgotten all that I moved from my back beds. Everyday is a surprise!

we borrowed my brother in laws tractor. so cool,  but the funny thing is i lifted and moved the rocks in the photo with a little help from my son.
 the blue stone stepping stones you can see bleeding through the decking  are a temporary solution. I have been creating mini-terraces with the rocks that I have excavated while digging.  Fun with Photoshop--Hardscaping:
  1. 2ft dry set stone wall the length of the front of the house--tapering at both ends
  2.  adding 4 equally sized square deck platforms-terracing until the meet the driveway
  3. finish the porch--transom six-paned windows consistent with front door  and screened panels that can be covered with storm windows in the winter-- lattice wrap the bottom of porch,(squared not diagonal) 
  4. postbox
Landscaping:  more plants and I also plan on planting  in a Kousa dogwood this summer and expanding all of the beds all the way down to the wall that doesn't exist yet. When my grasses come in, they will soften all the horizontal planes. The scarcity is making me a little nutso. I'm practicing patience. practicing.

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