mulch ,mussells and dirty fingernails

I still stand in awe thinking that a month and a half ago there was nothing but little tips of green poking through the mulch. The reason for so few blogs lately is due to the fact that rain or shine the first thing I do when I get home from work (excluding today) is say hello to the dog and family, then head outside to play in the dirt. My fingernails are officially stained black from mulch. I picked up a truck load on Friday and had it spread by Friday evening...just in time to whip up a batch of mussels marinara for my sweet Lenya. Lenya is my daughter's BFF, and unofficial referee. I think my Antonia has her on retainer. She negotiates the appropriateness of clothing choices and has arbitrated a few other mother daughter deals. In short she's a gem. So like all family members she was given a choice of what to have for dinner on her birthday and she chose mussels marinara.

The recipe is on my flickr page, (link below)-the only difference was that I  cooked 'em outside on the grill- I think they came out even better for some reason, could be that I was swigging from the bottle as I made them. I really did... such a bad ass. anyway... back to my dirty mulchy fingernails. I promise if I ever cook professionally again,  that my fingernails wont be dirty and I'll try not to swig from the wine bottle...Today I had a hair appointment, or at least I thought I did. My Auntie Kathy had her hair done today, and we go to the same hairdresser as does my mom when she's not in sunny fla, and three of my co-workers.  The hairdresser told Auntie Kathy that I was coming in tonight at 6pm. My mother talked to my aunt and then called me at work:

ACT ONE: The Phone Call

Mom: Do you know that you have a hair appointment at 6 tonight?
Me: No?
Mom: Don't you write these things down?
Me:(forty-something and still cringe when mom interrogates)Um, well... I had an appointment but it was Meaghan's shower and I had to make food and so I think I traded appointments with Christine who is in China and she maybe gave me her appointment...truthfully... I'm not sure, but I'll go.
Mom: okay good. Don't you keep a real calendar? That online thing you do doesn't seem to work.
Me: mmmk

ACT TWO:  The Hairdresser's

Me: Elaine for a 6pm with Sam
Receptionist: have a seat
Me: OK

I didn't have a seat because she didn't say please, I went to use the ladies room because they have good hand soap, which brings me back to the black mulch stained fingernails. After failing to get my fingernails clean with generous amounts of the their great smelling soap I eventually "had a seat" . Whilst sitting, I inspected my dirty fingernails -- I don't know what possessed me, but I sniffed my fingers-probably because of the damn great smelling soap. At that very same instant the receptionist glanced over at me, with a look of disgust. I'm still laughing at the face she made...then I overheard "Elaine for 6 with Sam"... So I jump up..

ACT THREE:  Elaine Squared

Me: Hi I'm Elaine did you just call me?
Receptionist: No-there is another Elaine who just came in for 6 with Sam
Me: (thinking she's teasing me) Oh ha ha, is SAM ready?
Receptionist: No. there is another Elaine and she says this is her appointment
Me: Well... I got a call today to remind me
Receptionist: Who called you? I've been here all day. I didn't call you.
Me: (feeling about 8 years old)  Um...My mother said that my Aunt said that I had an appointment today
Receptionist: She must be confused
The Other Elaine: It's my appointment- this happened before

I spoke with my hairdresser, she thought it was funny, she had told my aunt, who told my mom, who then called me and make me think I was the forgetful one. I'm sure there is a lesson in here somewhere, but I'm not sure if it is to make a phone call before a wild goose chase, or not smelling  your fingers in public. Maybe it is just go home to your garden and stick your hands in the ground. I'm hoping it's the last one, because that is what I did.

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