evolution of a drafting table part deux

It is surprising to me that my original post about my drafting table is so popular, especially because I had posted it unfinished. My procrastination for not showing it finished is simply because it is never clean...Oh it's clean, but it's a working table, so there is always something happening on it. The poor table was  probably was content sitting unused in my sister's cellar for 20 years... but it will gather dust no more!

the behind the screen to the right of my drafting table is my little sewing niche, and  shelves that hold fabric, and many samples for interior design; fabric, wood, tiles, carpet, paint...etc. things that I need to keep close by but don't necessarily want to look at from our bed I don't mind having my "studio" in our bedroom. I like to keep things on the table that inspire me-like those glass door knobs and our old plumbing hardware. I don't know what I'm going to do with them yet, so right now I'll just take in the light they throw my way.

the screen I made from one sheet of MDF -medium density fiberboard -   I had it cut into equal thirds before I left the store, primed it, painted it and used a gift bag that had an interesting pattern to make the stencil which runs diagonally. On the side that shows from the doorway  I used thumb tacks to give it a more finished look-like upholstery tacks-- it's  funny because that's not the side i showed! I used 6 piano hinges to hold it together and ta da!

It was really important to me to incorporate the old hardware; maybe it's strange to have a  relationship with inanimate objects, but things  that belonged to my loved ones are more special.  I'm just happier if I'm using my fathers tools in designing or in the kitchen. I  imagine his hands using the same tools to create and that a little of his creativity is passed onto me.  One of my dear friends told me that her mom would  talk to her food  while preparing it -  I think the quote was "give it love" , so I will continue to talk to my creations and give them love knowing that I am in good company.

Retro fitting this light table was one of the best things I've ever done. especially for laying out spaces. I do use computer design software when planning the mechanical aspects  of a space, but I can better translate to paper what's in my noggin and the light allows me to layer my designs without redrawing over and over. Also it's great for looking all of my old black and white negatives.

I'm not really winning on the removing the TV from the bedroom, but i figure if i continue to load the shelf with art supplies he'll adopt a why bother attitude. Honey, are you reading my blog? mwa ha ha.
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