operation: tv weaning

What started as a mission to remove the television from the bedroom turned into changing out of all of the cable outlets throughout the house.   My main objective was to get the television out of the bedroom, but concessions were made and I have agreed, for now, to wean "the one who shares the bedroom and shall remain nameless" off slowly. That being said, I could not stand the sight of the outlet and holes the flat screen mounting  bracket had left behind, so I came up with a creative solution.  As a for a little FYI/DIY  I will walk you through the steps to wiring a cable into a wall outlet. You may never need to change out the wall outlet, but you may need to lengthen or shorten a cable wire and the same steps are applicable. I despise seeing cords! it's a peeve, but not a pet. anyway...

the right tool makes thing so much easier-this cable clamp cost $17 and some change

the cover up!
I was originally looking for cork-board but what i found was pathetically thin, so I thought I might be able to find thicker cork tiles in flooring, but it was over-engineered and the plywood base was too heavy for a wall treatment.   I was starting to feel like Goldilocks, the brunette version, when i stumbled across these rubber doormats. I liked the texture, color, lines...and it would be easy to stick them with a push pin!  Just right!  Everything started to click. I could  use cable straps to hang the doormats.  Give the straps a couple of coats of bronze paint and use 2 inch coarse thread drywall screws to the studs.  So I did.

I snaked the cable wire down and over to the right-for now

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