a tucked in office space

I set out to create a space for a “home office”, a place to sort mail, file and to use the computer;basically  a space to do all of the things I despise. the major objectives were to:
a. create a space that would keep me stimulated

I may be a tad a.d.d., I lose interest really easily-especially facing a wall

it’s a tricky thing balancing a space with old, new and natural elements, and stay clutter free
*disclosure: my bulletin board may be a little cluttered, but i have amazingly talented friends and their homemade cards are up for life also organizing a family of four-forms in, forms out.

b. have the monitor face outward- POS- “parent over shoulder”

  • enough said

c. keep it cohesive

  • even thought it is a really small space it doesn't feel it -the wallpaper was chosen first, the paint for the living room into the dining room ceilings and walls were second- tying it all together creates the illusion of more space.

d. style

  • my personal style is simply; keeping it personal and functional: do i design build or build design? great question. the answer is both. not afraid to make a mistake-sometimes what i set out  to do differs vastly from my ‘end product’ but that’s okay. always learning that is more important to me
  • i use what i have: necessity is the mother of invention and being frugal out of necessity is the kind of mother i am- i smile every time i look at the bulletin board that i trimmed out with my husband's grandfathers ski
  • i don’t like office chairs and i found this sweet little boudoir chair for $15 at goodwill it is really well made and was in incredible condition -i had never bought an upholstered item second hand before, but it works perfectly in the space so i took a leap. 

How to...the build:
a. first i built out the wall so that there was room to tuck in a chair without being in the hallway-framing a wall extension was not as difficult as i thought- i timed the project when the sheet-rock/plasterer's would be here to work upstairs on our addition. it was well worth it. i also framed out little half wall which i covered with a sheet of wainscot-looking plywood.
   b. i measured out the desk space and had remnant piece of  molded formica cut to size-these measurements have to be precise-measure twice, cut once!using formica is a lot less expensive than granite and it’s a space where there really shouldn’t be extreme temperatures, or water so it’s a good option. using remnants is a huge cost saver. always ask! often times remnants  end up getting scrapped you'll help the economy, and  earth.

c. made two sets of cleats one for the Formica desk top and the second for a shelf that runs the entire length of the back wall- i used 1x 2” kd-kiln dried wood for the cleats. pre-drilling is a time saver-screw the cleats into the studs i used 3 inch course-thread screws
d. i had the shelf board cut at home depot. at the time i built this i only had a miter saw, so it was a little tight to drop down, but one good slam and it was in place
e. drilled holes in both the top desk and the bottom shelf for the 5 million cords 

f. painted the bottom shelves, wainscot
g. added an under-mount keyboard tray

h.  tucked in a file cabinet-of course i added felt pads to the bottom-don't scratch the hardwoods!

 I. hooked up all of the electronics 
the pc was really meant to go below, but it’s been a little testy lately so i moved it up to the desktop. it doesn't bother me that much- well maybe it does.
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