38.6: A Photographic Homage to Worcester

Curator Luis Antonio Fraire
I'm thrilled to be a part of this special exhibition that opens tonight at the Harvey Ball. 

croquette, hashbrown, or latke? What is in a name?


I honestly do not know what to call these, all I know is that they taste really good.  I realize that I  should stop deep frying things if I want to keep my "Healthy at Home" title, but maybe next week, "while in Rome", or in this case, while the deep fryer is out I'm going to 'Thelma and Louise' it in the kitchen!  Yesterday while discussing my little frying binge, a wise woman told me that a deep fried shoe would probably taste good. Probably true, but I'm going with these instead. Enjoy!

eggrolls and peanut veggie noodles

1/2 cabbage* a bag of org carrots*bunch of cilantro* 1 inch chunk of ginger and a clove of garlic chopped fine
2 eggs, salt and pepper

escarole and beans

escarole and beans
I promised  a bean salad, and I have sort of delivered-- the dressing was really simple:
1/4 cup of red wine vinegar
just a little olive oil- a swirl or two
2 teaspoons of dried mint leaves
The juice of 2 lemons
A couple of pinches of salt

After cooking your previously soaked beans, toss them in the dressing while still warm, then when they have cooled, store them in a canning jar, or two, or three. 

How to Soak and Prepare Dried Beans

As I continue on my path to eat less processed food, beans of all varieties have become a staple in my diet, and with that the need to find the best technique of preparing them. Usually my M.O. is to take the fastest route in meal preparation, so this has been an exercise in patience for me. There are quicker ways, and I have tried them, but the results are not the same. While researching this "test kitchen" experiment I came across the US Dry Bean Council's  website. Everything you ever wanted to know about beans and then some, but if you like to see the step by step in photos...look no further!

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